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The Stock Market and Some of the Hottest Energy Stocks Today

What is the Stock Market?

In a nutshell, a stock market is where you go if you want to buy and sell stocks. A stock is a partial ownership of a company enabling the owner of stocks to profit from the success of the company even if he or she did not take part in the creation of the company and is not one of the corporate leaders of the said firm. Thus, a stock is also known as shares of a company because the owner of the stock gets a certain share of the company’s assets based on the number of shares that he or she owns.

If you purchase a share of a company you become an investor of the said business enterprise. Your fortune rises and fall depending on the performance of the company. In an ideal scenario, you purchase a stock at the beginning of a fiscal year and at the end of that time frame, whatever profit the company earns you get a share of it depending on the number of stocks you have acquired from that particular firm.

Stock Market Investing

It would have been nice if investing in the stock market is as simple as the framework outlined above. Unfortunately, the stock market is very complicated. As you go deeper you will realize that it is not just about partial ownership, there are different mechanisms involved, so that the value of your stock will rise and fall erratically without a logical explanation for its behavior. The value of your stock fluctuates because other investors are not interested in holding on to their stock and there is a way for them to sell and buy back their stocks. The value of the stock is not fixed and aside from the performance of the company, it is also affected by how the public perceives its value in the short term.

Energy Stocks Today

In recent months the stock market has been doing well and in general investors are making money. One of the hottest commodity sold in the stock market are energy stocks. These are shares of companies that are into the following: oil and gas exploration and production; oil and gas storage and transportation; and oil and gas equipment and services.

According to stock market analysts one of the more profitable energy stocks in today’s trading is ConocoPhillips with a five-year total return of 227%. Another good pick is Northern Oil and Gas Inc. with a five-year return of 171%.

There are two ways to make money in buying stocks. The first one is through capital gains and the second one is through dividends. When the company’s assets appreciate after a fixed time period or when its revenue increases after a fixed period, the value of the company’s stock also increases. When you sell this particular stock, the profit made is called a capital gain. Now, when you buy a company’s stock and you hold on to it, there will come a time when the company’s board of directors decide to distribute a portion of the company’s earnings to its shareholders. As an investor you get a share of those earnings.


Multi-fuel Microturbines

Micro turbines are characterized by small turbines approximately the size of a refrigerator. It is not a new type of power generation since it has evolved over time. Multi-fuel micro-turbines perform the same function as other turbines, their only difference is size. As a result, they operate on the same thermodynamic cycle. At higher temperatures and optimum pressure, the machines are more efficient and produce a specified power.

Multi-fuel Micro-turbines today operate on a diversity of fuels, including sour gases, natural gas and liquid fuels such as diesel, kerosene and gasoline. Generally, these micro turbines have the potential to be used in disseminated energy generation due to their low maintenance cost, minimum space requirements, very low emission levels and high electric generation capability. The exhaust heat produced can be recovered and recycled in the following ways;

· Commercial and domestic water heating

· Drying and driving thermally activated equipment such as an absorption chiller, either directly or indirectly.

· Space heating

Multi-fuel micro-turbines characteristics

· The machines consist of systems that are generally single shaft models that normally operate at high speed to increase efficiency of power production. This power is converted to direct current and then stepped down for commercial purposes.

· Micro turbines in most domestic and commercial locations need a fuel gas booster to ensure that the turbine flow control works at an adequate fuel pressure. The booster requires only about five percent of the total micro-turbine output and as a result, the efficiency reduces and thus increasing the operational costs of the machine.

· Multi-fuel micro turbines systems have a size range of about 30 to 500 kilowatts. Contrary to combustion engines, the machine has few moving parts and therefore, there is reduced noise levels during working.

· The system has a high rotational speed due to the presence of a compressor, a combustion chamber and a heat exchanger.

· They are majorly used for providing temporary power on remote locations. This is because they are small in size and thus have high mobility. Moreover, they can also be installed permanently at various locations to provide vital power for a variety of applications.

The limited number of times the systems can be recycled on and off has been seen as the major disadvantage of micro turbines. During operation, each start up and shutdown adds operating hours leading to increased maintenance cost. As a result, it is always wise to leave the machines running once they are started.
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Capstone Turbine (CPST)

Capstone Turbine (CPST) -Charts and quotes

Conclusively, Multi-fuel Micro-turbines today that are operational have a great internal heat recovery rate which in turn diminishes the in-efficiency of heat generation. The total value of the internal heat recovery must be founded on both economic and thermodynamic basis. The recommended micro-turbine system is the one that has the highest annual heat efficiency. Micro-turbine based companies for residential, commercial and industrial applications must consider the following criteria during heat generation:

The electric and thermal loads should be coincident

A ratio of less than 0.5 is recommended for a good efficiency in generation for electric demand to thermal demand

The thermal energy loads should be in the form of hot water



Trends and Developments of Coal Mining Today

Coal mining refers to the mining activity whose main goal is to obtain coal from the ground. Coal is mined as hard coal and is extremely valuable for its energy content, which has helped in the production of electricity since 1880. Coal is also used by industries that deal with steel and cement to take iron from its core and to produce cement. The structures and the mine used in coal mining today are known as the colliery.
Coal mining has undergone a lot of development over the years.
With technological developments, coal mining today has become highly advanced from the manual extraction to the use of long wall mines. With this, the safety of miners has been greatly improved. Coal mining today is mainly done by China, Australia, United States and India among other top countries. Some of the companies involved include Cerrejoni in Columbia and John Sumner and Suetonius Grant Heatly in India.

However, some concerns have emerged about environmental effects of coal and its link with global warming.

Current Diminishing opportunities in coal mining today
In most places, the coal mining areas are situated in regions that are poverty stricken. This indicates that they have a higher rate of poverty as compared to the other regions within the country. This is likely to pose a big challenge to many countries in relation to their efforts to eradicate poverty. This is mainly because most of the coal mines are currently shutting down. The coal paying jobs that have for some time been highly paying are slowly disappearing. It is for this reason that hundreds of miners who are mostly young people are being laid off. On the contrary, these people do not have any places to find replacement apart from the numerous programs developed to manage the war on poverty food stamps by the government. A proper example of this is the Martin County, where most of the young people have extremely benefited from the establishment of coal mines in their surrounding areas. Thus, for most of these young people who also have great minds, they have to leave the country in the search of new job opportunities that will enable them to earn a living.

Dignity of the Exercises found in Coal Mining today
However, in some of the areas, a restriction has been created against the initiation of mining of the coal reservoirs. These include areas such as Thar whereby a court order from the Sindh High Court that brought to a halt a project that was initiated to mine the coal reservoirs in Thar. This was the stay order that was meant to postpone the commencement of the project involving coal mining to a much later date. The great significance associated with the establishment of coal is depicted through its relation with the Thar Prime minister as well as other prominent secretaries who are involved in its inauguration process.

Coal mining has for a long time been a lucrative activity for most people and especially the young. A number of governments took advantage of such opportunities to provide jobs for its people. However, the resource is slowly dwindling leading to bigger challenges in the industry. It is because of this that governments that are faced with this kind of a predicament should look for appropriate ways to deal with the situation before it gets out of hand.

The main coal mining companies today.

Alpha Natural Resources, Inc (ANR)

Arch Coal, Inc. (ACI)

BNI Coal

CONSOL Energy, Inc

Peabody Energy Corporation (BTU)

New energy for the planet

Gas Energy; What It Means For The Energy World

Gas energy is quite the appropriate fit for the current energy set up that the world has and this is largely due to the ease with which it can be tapped and utilized. Gas energy is utilized as Liquid Petroleum Gas and this means that it often needs a processing set up that allows it to take the specified form. Fossil fuels are a major concern in the world as they are not only proving to be expensive but they are also causing harm in terms of the pollution status.

Why people should adopt gas energy

  1. Gas energy does not release any carbon fumes which are the major concern when it comes to greenhouse gases. Energy traced from gas is considered as a carbon-neutral fuel since with its harnessing, atmospheric carbon is not increased.
  2. Gas energy offers clean combustion which indicates that no fumes are produced. This results in a negative carbon emission which serves right in terms of theme of the 21st century which is to reduce global warming and encourage a green revolution.
  3. Storage and usage of gas energy is effective and workable. This is because it can be stored for a lengthy period of time and it can also be used at any given time. This means usability and control is left in the hands of the consumer.
  4. There are many questions being raised on the new way that gas is being removed from the ground.  Hydraulic fracking is a new way of harvesting gas from shale deposits. It is a very controversial topic.

How gas energy is harnessed

Gas energy is retrieved from the ground core from where it is normally housed beneath oil. This means that in mining for gas, oil is normally the first fuel to be found. This makes sure that bio fuel is captured with ease and it is captured in plenty so as to enable a comfortable usage platform.

There is also the gas energy that is harnessed from biogas digestion. This is normally rich and also makes use of the waste matter that is received from the residential platform. This particular energy is cheap and more appropriate for use in the subsistence setting. This is because it enables the home setting to have a source of energy that produces enough for the use of the home and one that is a total alternative for the normal orientation.

The scope of gas energy

Most research efforts are aiming at purifying the fuel energy that is consumed both residentially and commercially and this means that adopting gas energy is the more likely alternative to take up. Different forms of energy always make for a new orientation to what people take up as the viable option and this means that people need a careful analysis of the gas platform in order to understand the advantages. This is the only way through which people can get a stable energy source that will supply all the required power for sustenance and workability. As gas energy moves up the pecking order in terms of the energy sources that are tuned for the future, its scope in the world is high flying and it means that people can rest easy knowing that they will have a safe and cheap energy source of power in gas energy.

Breakdown Of Energy Stocks